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Bronze Sculptures

Hi, my name's Ed Rust and I'm a sculptor based in the East Riding of Yorkshire.


I began my sculpture career working with odd bits of galvanised wire I had lying around, bending and shaping the wire into small figures, probably no more than 12 inches high. I loved the movement I could get into the pieces.


The big surprise to me was that they proved popular with friends who saw them randomly scattered around the house. I was amazed, I'd made them just for a bit of fun, to entertain myself, and here were friends saying I should sell them in galleries. To be honest, the first half a dozen sculptures I made I gave away for free. It sounds crazy now, but I was happy to let them go to a good home. And that's how it all started.


I began offering them to local galleries to see if they would be popular and to cut a long story short they sold incredibly well.


Fast forward three years and here we are....the figures have morphed into larger pieces in bronze.


I am also delighted to announce that I have signed up with leading British art publisher and distributor DeMontfort Fine Art. You can now view my limited edition sculpture collection and keep up to date with all my news on their website at www.demontfortfineart.co.uk

or call 01543 412600 for further information.